LOGLINE: A joyous living-timecapsule documentary capturing Atlanta’s culture of radical creativity and organizing, as it manifests itself within the halls of a former commercial bakery warehouse turned DIY arts complex.

Synopsis: The Bakery Atlanta officially opened it’s doors to Atlanta in October 2017, when gentrification had closed down a burgeoning DIY-arts district in South Downtown. Seemingly overnight, The Bakery and its rag tag volunteer crew found itself hosting events that had nowhere else to go, day and night. Everything from drag shows organized by grassroots queer organizations, to hip hop and metal shows organized by local musicians, to political rallies for progresive politicians looking to push GA politics to the left.

Almost 2 years later, The Bakery has been completely transformed from its original state of disrepair by Atlanta’s community of creatives. Today it boasts 2 venues, a community garden, a woodshop, an arts gallery, a micro cinema, private studio spaces and public spaces for community workshops and organizing. These halls have served as a refuge for non-conforming anti-authoritarian people of all types.


This film is a living-time capsule.

A “time capsule” in the sense that it documents the manifestations that could only have occured in Atlanta, in 2019, as they unfold within the 23 thousand square feet, focusing on the people who find themselves drawn to a safe space to celebrate life in a time of political, social and ecological uncertainty.

“Living” in the sense that the goal of the film is to encourage and inspire anyone who sees the work to seek out spaces, people and opportunities to build the kind of future they want to see today.



I have been part of the team here at The Bakery, since August 2017. I believe in our work.

My goal as the Director of this film is to showcase the many different voices and efforts of all the diverse people that we collaborate with. In deciding what and who to showcase, I will confer with the other members of The Bakery as well as the community we serve to find out what is important to show. Just like the space itself has been a giant community undertaking, I plan on treating this film as such.