Lev Omelchenko is a Post-Soviet Ukrainian-Brooklynite Filmmaker and Curator based in Atlanta, GA. As a Film Director, he is driven by collaborations with cultural and community laborers whose practice is outside of traditional film industry. His work spans documentary, narrative, experimental and installation and aims to sanctify the forgotten and marginalized. He holds the belief that capitalism along with modern technocratic modes of government and crisis management are inadequate to meet the needs of the people, and advocates for institutional change within and beyond the electoral politics. His goal is to collaboratively imagine a more physically and spiritually sustainable future.

Lev is part of The Bakery Atlanta since August 2017, quickly finding a home amongst the diverse group of creatives that the space attracts. As a Curator he brings together gems from the film festival circuit and the most talented and experimental filmmakers in the Atlanta film community. He also lead the creation of a community garden which will expand into an Earth School program in Spring 2019, and will feature film programming that highlights climate and sustainability.

CONTACT: lev@levomel.com

March in Culebra, Puerto Rico. A paradise island.