Went with a more direct and political banner than previously envisioned. I think it's powerful in a way that it needs to be. Got to start on it on Friday, and spent the weekend working on it at The Bakery when I had pockets of time. 



Attended a rehearsal this Sunday. Had a conversation with Anicka to further discuss the heart of the project. Feel like I got some real serious closure. As a man - this is a rare opportunity that I need to value as deeply as possible. 

Read the introduction to the book Bloom, that my friend Artiana let me look over while at the Goat Farm. (I should make an effort to be there at least once a week).

"Desire needs to be embedded in empathy"

"praying to the energies from the earth, willing the limped serenity of the skies, meditating on the still reflections of the waters. Honoring the gods of small things."

"But a Fool's Paradise also where comical and surreal creations are paraded with zeal to act out the trivial aspects of human condition, stretching the borders of belief to include a hallucinating faith in the power of imagination and story telling, a fold tradition that thrives and even gains importance, giving wings to the carnival of naked truth." 

"Delving in a deep well of human experiences tokes from the selvage of time." 

-Lidewij Edelkoort



Gears moving on making this release party a reality. Here are some BTS shots of the music video set by Brandon English!




"I was taking a class w/ a Buddhist monk + and got a 1 on the test after not studying at all. I felt embarrassed

At a dinner a guest made a toast - to figuring out a new way to live. Proactively."

I've been feeling really disoriented recently - and I think it has a lot to do with a lack of structure in my day to day life. I really enjoy the fluidity, but I need to make sure I meditate and exercise everyday. I think the trip to Denver is going to be a really necessary re-balancing of my energies. Around this time last year I was traveling through the Blue Ridge mountains to get to Atlanta. The Triangle - the Mountain - Earth - has been a recurring symbol in my work, particularly my paintings, and I'm excited to receive the mountain healing.

I'm also gonna see a friend that I met in Atlanta last year - Guiseppe Spadafora. He's been riding around in a Tea Bus for the past decade giving away free tea. I made a 3 minute documentary about him in July, but never officially released it. I'm hoping to get some more footage of him on this trip, and potentially will expand it. For now please enjoy the video:



Did a Tarot card reading with my roommates. We got:

7 Pentacles, 6 Pentacles, 1 Wands, 2 Wands, The Tower, 10 of Swords, 9 Pentacles, The Hanged Man

I'm not gonna go into every card, but it was spooky relevant to the questions we were asking about our lives. I suggest sitting around with your roommates and asking the deck questions and then reading about what the cards are meant to signify. We've been laughing a lot lately, which is a really positive quality of living where I live. "Apartment Humor" is a really special thing.  Here are some photos from a Thai Massage session that my roommate Ian lead at our home.