I AM 99% DONE WITH BLUE JAYS MUSIC VIDEO FOR SEQUOYAH. Excited to share it with the Patreon subscribers as soon as it's at 100% in the next few days. The official release date of Sequoyah's new album - Dream Sequence - and the music video is still undecided. However, a work in progress version of the video was accepted to Y'allywood Film Festival, which showcases films from the South. It will be playing at 7 Stages in Little 5 Points at some point October 9th - 15th. Very excited to be featured in an excellent local festival.

Opening Credits with Y'allywood Festival laurels for "Blue Jays" Music Video for Sequoyah Murray's new album "Dream Sequence"


Spent some time this week discussing the logistics of a Virtual Reality Dance project in collaboration with Anicka Austin. I've worked with her previously on visual's for Chris Gravely's "LIFE" and she was Sequoyah's  Movement Coach for "Blue Jays". This project would be an experiment in preparation for her year long project "Sunday Mornings at Seven" which will feature an experimental VR component. 

If this project is a reality, it would be with the help of Kyle Morais and Brandon Polack of Argha Noah, a new art organization in Atlanta. They're working with - the winner's of Goat Farms field experiment and are bringing a ton of cool art into the digital space for the month of September and first week of October. 


I've been reading "To Our Friends" by the Invisible Committee. It's very good. It does a really good job of communicating and supporting its perspective on Government, Power, Surveillance, Environment, Cybernetics, Community and Revolution.

"As to the truth about the present nature of power, every European has it printed exemplar of it in their pocket. It can be stated this way: power now resides in the infrastructures of this world. Contemporary power is of an architectural and impersonal, and not a representative or personal nature. ... Power is the very organization of this world, this engineered, configured, purposed world. ... Whoever determines the organization of space, whoever governs the social environments and atmospheres, whoever administers tings, whoever manages the access - governs men."

It's the second of 3 books published by an anonymous French collective. I first came across their writing in a friend's kitchen in the form of a newspaper, then through an audio book. I decided to get my sister the first book "The Coming Insurrection" for her birthday (along with two of the best books I've read this year - Of Woman Born by Adrienne Rich and The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin).

"Life and humanity were dissected into a set of needs; then a synthesis of these elements was organized. It doesn't really matter whether this synthesis was given the name of 'socialist planning' or 'market planning'. ... The outcome is the same: a desert and existential anemia.

Nothing is left of a form of life once it has partitioned into organs. Conversely, this is explains the palpable joy that overflowed the occupied squares of Puerta del Sol, Tahrir, Gezi or the attraction exerted, despite infernal muds of Nantes countryside, by the land occupation at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. It is the joy that attaches to every commune. Suddenly life ceases being sliced up into connected segments. Sleeping, fighting, eating, taking care of oneself, partying, conspiring, discussing all belong to the same vital movement. Not everything is organized, everything organizes itself. The difference is meaningful. One requires management, the other attention - dispositions that are incompatible in every respect" (p88 To Our Friends)




I'm excited to help document Living Wall's  incredible project on Bufford Highway this upcoming week. Anyone that has time should come out and support and experience some of the events that they're putting on.

That includes: A Lecture Series, a Movie Night and the Block Party!

Come and be an ally to the communities that are facing some of the most violence and intimidation from the white supremacy of USA. 

Jess Snow putting up one of TWO beautiful murals on Bufford Highway last week.

Being around talented mural artists, has also inspired me to attempt my own mural. The Bakery is currently getting itself ready to open in October and is opening its doors on the weekends to people to come and help paint. 

I plan on heading out there next weekend to 1. Document the process of building up a new art space and 2. Starting my first mural based on a sketch that I've been playing with for a long time. Will take time this week to figure out the colors. 

It has usually taken my a long time to figure out colors before, so in the very least it might a black and white line drawing. 



Katy "What is the intention?"

Sequoyah's Music Video. Intetion: Make Something Beautiful. <-- Memory: Anicka reminds me of this in a coffee shop. Beautiful Collaboration.

What are we digging into/ Our desire for connection --> language


#ME asked ME "King, why did YOU wake up in the morning". I respond by repeating the question, which made no sense to ME.

#ME woke up to "Serve"

"Why did I wake up?" and "What is the Intention?" 

"Why do I wake up in the morning" - To build community. The more skills I have, the more useful I am. Freedom. Friendship. 

"'Friend' and 'Free' in English come and "Freund' and 'Frei' in German come from the same Indo-European root, which conveys the idea of a shared pwoer that grows. Being free and having ties was one and the same thing. I am free because I have ties, because I am linked to a reality greater than me". (To Our Friends p 127) 

The more freedom I have, Fuck #Me, Mean

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