Charlie - Short Documentary

Charles (Charlie) Hurvitz is an artist and author with developmental disability whose work and eccentric personality have made him a fixture in his community. 

It was an absolute privilege  and an amazing opportunity to get to know Charlie with the help of his friends and co-workers. This is the fifth and the longest film that I directed while working with Gateway Arts, an incredible organization who provides services in fine arts to adults like Charlie. 

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The Villagers - Thesis Short Film

I finally finished my thesis film from this past semester. I'm happy with how it came out, and I have to give enormous thanks to everyone that helped me in the process. This was a huge learning experience and I hope that it resonates with some people out there. If it does, please share it/like it etc. If you have any thoughts or criticisms please let me know. I'd love to hear any and all feedback. 

P.S. Check out Elias Alexander's (Ted) awesome music.

Interview with Jane Tarlow

This video features the wondreful Jane Tarlow, a Studio A artist of Gateway Arts. This was the last of 4 interviews that I did for a project with Gateway Arts about Studio A. I finished it a few months ago, and it premiered at Gateway's Reception for Reel Abilities Film Festival in Feb. In the next 2 weeks I should have a short documentary completed about Charles Hurvitz, also an artist Gateway Arts. 

Jane Tarlow is a Studio A artist at Gateway Arts, a career art center for adults with mental and psychiatric disabilities. This interview explores Jane's early influences and goals as an artist and Gateway's role in helping her find stability and happiness. 

Interview by Rae Edelson

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Lev Omelchenko

Music by Chris Zabriskie 

WInter 2015


What are the 3 most important words? What are the 3 most important words to you?

NOTE: This video should be watched with headphones. The first time you watch the video, you should watch it with headphones in both ears. If you wish to watch it again, try listening with only one headphone in one ear.



1min 54sec

Written, Directed and Edited by Lev Omelchenko.

Actors: Emily Blanco, Tatiana Nicole, Meghan McEachern, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Nate Fisher, Trini Gao, Maria Jose Cordova, Brendan Hayward, Dan Willis
Benjamin Miyamoto, Patrick Burke, Alex Dzialo, Artem Sergeyenko

Music:  Octopus - King Krule Instrumental Remix by NORRE