Charlie - Short Documentary

Charles (Charlie) Hurvitz is an artist and author with developmental disability whose work and eccentric personality have made him a fixture in his community. 

It was an absolute privilege  and an amazing opportunity to get to know Charlie with the help of his friends and co-workers. This is the fifth and the longest film that I directed while working with Gateway Arts, an incredible organization who provides services in fine arts to adults like Charlie. 

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Interview with Jane Tarlow

This video features the wondreful Jane Tarlow, a Studio A artist of Gateway Arts. This was the last of 4 interviews that I did for a project with Gateway Arts about Studio A. I finished it a few months ago, and it premiered at Gateway's Reception for Reel Abilities Film Festival in Feb. In the next 2 weeks I should have a short documentary completed about Charles Hurvitz, also an artist Gateway Arts. 

Jane Tarlow is a Studio A artist at Gateway Arts, a career art center for adults with mental and psychiatric disabilities. This interview explores Jane's early influences and goals as an artist and Gateway's role in helping her find stability and happiness. 

Interview by Rae Edelson

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Lev Omelchenko

Music by Chris Zabriskie 

WInter 2015

Interview with Rae Edelson - Director of Gateway Arts

Gateway Arts has a new gallery show "Homage to Film" until Feb 28th, which features artwork inspired by their favorite films, film personalities and the film making process itself. 

On Feb 19th 6-8pm, Gateway will hold a reception and will be joined by the ReelAbilities Film Festival, in celebrating the artists and their exhibition. This video along with 3 others will be featured at the reception to showcase several of talented artists who work at gateway in Studio A.

If you've never been to Gateway this would be a great opportunity to see its impact on the community. 

Interview with Rae Edelson

Gateway Arts director, Rae Edelson talks about the programs offered by Studio A and the clients it has helped since its creation. 

Directed, Interviewed, Filmed and Edited by Lev Omelchenko

Filmed by Ramsey Khabbaz

Audio Recording by Mike DeLuca, Claudia Mazariegos 

Music by Chris Zabriskie 

Winter 2015

Interview with Ray Salter - Gateway Arts

Interview with Gateway Artist Ray Salter 

I had the privilege of working with Gateway Arts on an interview with one of their Studio A artists Rae Salter.

Gateway Arts provides professional development for more than 100 adults with disabilities who have talent in fine hand crafts and fine art. Artists are encouraged to follow their dreams, and create a unique individualized career, while learning new processes and developing skills with the encouragement and support of a professional staff of artists.

More information about Gateway and Ray Salter can be found on their website