Old Band Tapes - First Short since moving to ATL

"Old Band Tapes" is a short film created for ATLThunderdome's monthly challenge with the following rules: 1 min, 4 shots, break the 4th wall. 

This is the first personal creative project that I have finished since a music video I wrote and directed for Future Teens in August 2015. The 4 months in between these 2 projects can be best described with a 3 act structure: 

1. Lost in post-grad Limbo

2. Hurling along the east coast for 2 weeks in a white, 15 year old, Ford Windstar minivan.

3. Settling in ATL.

This film, being the first thing that I've been able to finish since the end of summer, is a confirmation that I am in a new place. 


A special shout out to the people that committed to helping me with this last minute: Rebecca Flax, Trey West, Aloysius Harmon and Josh Loner and his excellent band Great American Noise Jihad. Also thanks to Jonathan Gabriel for letting me use equipment and motivating and introducuing me to the ATLThunderdome community.