Started back in April with the help of my former roommate, Ian Best. We brought soil from 1254 Lynwyn Ln (RIP) and amended the hard clay dirt in a former parking lot.

5 months later we’ve had an abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, gerkins (tiny little cucumbers that sprouted on their own), okra, arugula, strawberries, watermelons, basil, mint, parsley, cilantro, sunflowers, kale, lettuce, radishes, sorrel, comfrey, lambs quarters, borage, clover and onions. A successful first season.

With the help of volunteers, this month we finished a fence, built a 3 part compost bin, and put in a brick pathway.

And finally, after building all this up (with plenty more to go) we held our first Earth School class on Pickling (our very own green tomatoes) and salve making. The instructors were Stella Dillard, a local chef and gardener, and TK a yoga-teacher and artist who recently moved to ATL. They, along with Stephanie and Carolyn Reis have committed to helping dream up a vision for the garden, and help execute it with the help of the wonderful souls that join us in that space.

I could’ve learned how to pickle on youtube, and I don’t necessarily plan on feed myself with the garden (although I’ve picked plenty of stuff throughout the summer), but I do believe its important to reclaim Earth skills and to do so with a community of people.


(A response to the whole Brett Kavanaugh bullshit)

Here’s a shoutout to some of my (mostly local) favorite femme artists and activists doing dope work, that def deserve your support:

Living Melody Collective. - activist collective getting people to vote. Give em money!

Linqua Franqa.- baddest hip hop artist out of Athens GA. Also their County Comissioner.

Yani Mo. - one of the best hip hop artist in ATL

Bitter. - one of my fav pop punk bands in ATL

Estrella Sanchez - incredible activist in the Latinx community

Willow Goldstein (The Bakery Atlanta) - support the space on patreon!

glo. - so many lovely dancers activating spaces all over town

Brantly Jackson Watts. - can’t wait for her new film Spoon

The House of June. - visionary filmmakers in atl

Yes Ma’am. - putting on dope art female art shows in ATL

Darine Hotait - caught her film in Tacoma WA. So good.

Sophia Ghallager (and the Library) - creating space and collecting resources for radical change

Ash Go - dope filmmaker and activist in NYC

Danielle Deadwyler - one of the best actors, performers, and activists in ATL

Sister Sai - beautiful beautiful music. Cello virtuoso.

sunday morning at 7 (Anicka Austin) - brilliant brilliant brilliant

There are so many more.


I traveled to Tacoma, WA for the Tacoma Film Festival to screen Blue Jays. It was a really wonderful way to de-stress from all the intensity of grinding day to day in the city. The mountains hold a very special place in my heart.

The nature is beautiful, the people are awesome, and the festival was a great opportunity to meet some talented filmmakers from the West and East coasts. Just returned and feeling refreshed and re-energized!

Some Highlights (of the films I caught, so many missed):

Empty Metal by Adam Khalil

Like Salt by Darine Hotait

Hair Wolf by Mariama Diallo

Miwa Matreyek Performance

Films of Juan Pablo Gonzales

I Want More, I Want Less by Bryce Richardson