Hurricane Irma passed Atlanta on Monday. My roommate Anneliese made a big pot of vegan chili. My hands felt swollen after moving loose objects into our shed before the storm hit. Everyone fell asleep as it moved through Atlanta. Journal entry:

"Hibernating through a hurricane. My body feels different. I feel the weather. I feel my surroundings. I feel me. I. me. The world - madness - such a harsh word. Especially underlined. We toil, for what. What is the proof? The Heart.  A desire for understanding. If others understand - you're not alone. Friendship. Co-dependence. We should depend on one another to survive. Do you depend on any of your friends? Do you depend on anyone. If not- is it a sign of strength? But we do depend. On our system - government, police, global markets, bankers - we depend on everyone but our friends. Because we are all so independent that we can't bother each other. The independence is killing us."

Anneliese feeding the home.

Anneliese feeding the home.

EDIT: After hibernation I showed The New World by Terrance Malick to my roommates for the first time. It was a powerful bonding moment. 


Living Walls. After the storm cleared, I was out on Buford Highway filming most of the week. Filming the talented artists as they put up their work, filming the Living Walls crew and volunteers working tirelessly to support the artists, filming the community as it joined in the passion of the work. 

Here are some pictures:



The Bakery. Inspired by the muralists and presented with a wall, I started putting up my first mural. Throughout the week I sketched out the idea and figured out the colors. I usually spend more time with the colors, but did not have that opportunity this time. 

Mural as of Sept 18th 2017



Organizing a video installation for The Bakery opening featuring local Atlanta artists.

Currently the line up features: "Gomi Maku" by Brandon English, feat music by 10th Letter. "Silver Planet" by Chris Hunt feat music by Kasie Marie. "New Life" by Lev Omelchenko feat music by Chris Gravely AKA Red Waters. "Rhythm of Ghana" by Brandon Polack feat tradition live drum music from Ghana. "Levitate Levitate Levitate" by Ebony Blanding and Amber Bournett of House of June, feat musical score by Belle Bynone. 

On the look out for more artists to include. 

Here's a look at New Life, which I directed Winter 2017.



Finished Journal Number XIII

Last page:

" I just came out of the shower - meditating on the mural. Colors, shapes, nature, memory. I was meditating on the ancient sacred symbols. Sun, Earth, Water. Fire, mountain, Reflection. Air - the royal creative force. The Breath - The Soul. These thoughts feel ancient. A cry for truth - for a path - for a memory. For life. Alive."

Crown [1 min short film] + Crown [painting]

Check out a new short film I shot for a monthly challenge at the ThunderdomeATL with the following rules: 

1 min, 1 shot, can't touch the camera after hitting record

The painting featured in the film is the first painting I've finished in close to a year. (Photo taken w/ iPhone 5. Will replace with better quality image soon) 


Acrylic on Canvas, February 2016

Pineapple Slumber

I always thought of these two paintings as a pair. I finished both the summer before my Junior year, about a month apart, and they both have the same subject as their inspiration.

Disclaimer: I won't reveal direct inspirations or subject matter of my work.

The painting on the left, Slumber, is more recent, and I have it up in the corner of my living room. It's the motivation for this post, since my friend recently brought it up in conversation, saying that it exactly captures his state going into his last semester of school both as a student and a D1 college athlete. 

The painting on the right, Pineapple Juniors, is named after a song that my friend wrote during Spring semester of sophomore year. I gave him the painting as a present after he left school to pursue music full time. I knew he had the drive and the skill to get far, and in the past year and a half he found a worldwide recognition.

Looking at both of them now, side by side, it makes me think of a wave. 

The cyclical motion of 2 particles as a wave passes. This diagram does not suggest that one particle moves from the left position to the right position. 

The cyclical motion of 2 particles as a wave passes. This diagram does not suggest that one particle moves from the left position to the right position. 

Separately the two paintings (in my current observation) occupy seemingly different positions of a water particle in a wave, one "falling" and the other "rising".  This movement reveals itself differently. Slumber has a burning Red center whereas Pineapple Juniors has only a bit red glow around the bright yellow. Both have a blending of green and blue, only in opposite directions. One form is rounded and soft, while the other is jagged and sharp. However, in thinking of a rising and falling wave when I see the two paintings side by side, I'm reminded that the particle takes a cyclical path. In its rise and its fall on a wave, it's always moving in the same direction. In that sense, both paintings embody the full cycle of the wave. 

If that's true, I wonder if my friend who said the painting captured how he felt as he entered his last semester would agree. I'll try to find out. 

Disclaimer: I never attempt to tell people what the "meaning" or "purpose" of my artwork is. However, I figured I should try writing about things I notice in my work as a way of developing new thoughts. Those thoughts are not the definitive interpretation, and I am always excited to hear other people's perspectives.  If you have any comments or criticism, please comment.