"Gotta go where the love is" - Leo (my former roommate).

Really happy that I had the chance to snap a photo of my former roommates Leo and Shira at the home we shared when I first moved to Atlanta. They're moving to the West End of Atlanta. There seems to be a lot of love in the West End, and I'm finding myself there more and more often.  

This is a start to a "Shared Space" Project, which has been an idea I've had for yeaaars, where I document my current and future roommates. 

I wrote a little note after I took the photo:

"In Shira's + Leo's apartment/ They're beautiful/ Of the present/ future/ ancient"

Shared Space: Shira Benson and Leo Love. Summer 2017.

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Finally got to do some work with Living Walls. Got to meet Chip Thomas. Got to meet Killer Mike. One of the better Mondays. 


Met with Phae, an awesome Atlanta dancer. We discussed collaborating on a project. It's exciting, because we seem to be inspired by similar visions. 

Notebook sketch.

Notebook sketch.

After the conversation I looked back through relevant books and notes. Came across a good quote from a book on Kundalini Yoga by Carl Jung.  

"If you have a psychical experience, if the psychical fact forces itself upon you, then you understand it, and then you can make a concept of it." 

Also 2 quotes by Cassavetes from Cassavetes on Cassavetes.

"What's wrong with society is that people become such slaves to their lifestyles, such slaves to their politics, to their friends that they don't have anything personal left. It's as if individuals have become invisible, and nobody can see or reach their reach their real selves any longer. Nobody can be themselves. ...  They begin to think with other people's minds. The things that are the most important part of your life are your inner feelings. Your mind's eye view of yourself. If that isn't broken, you'd be a fantastic person all your life. ... When we lose our instincts for truth, we have nothing." 

"Fear is the basis of everything terrible. ... So the only thing that can save people in a spiritual or religious way or in any way is to say I'm not afraid anymore. The minute they say that they are not afraid they cannot commit a wrong act. There will be no such thing as a wrong act"

Core - Open Rehersal 


Invested in Cryptocurrency. 

Send Bitcoin Here. 

Send Bitcoin Here. 



Spent a ton of time working on an edit of Blue Jays Music Video for Sequoyah Murray. I'm really excited that it's almost done. It feels like this was the creative project I invested myself most deeply this summer. (Aside from going to Ukraine). Can't wait to share it with everyone. Plenty of BTS stuff on this project once its released. For now:

Blue Jays BTS - Sibling Hug